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3 Months

Equals $250 / Month
$ 750
  • check 1 x Station in the Liquid Radio Network (if advertising in snowy mountains you will get 4 Snowy Stations included in one price)
  • check 1 x Announcer Ad Production
  • check 5 Prime time Ad Spots per Day (that's 180 Ad Spots per month)
  • check Bonus Ad Spots at night
  • check 1 x After News Ad Spot per Day (Equals 30 News Ad Spots per month)
  • check On air heads up
  • check Live quote of your business
  • close Live ads not included
  • close Banners not included
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6 Months

Equals $200 / Month
$ 1200
  • check 1 x Ad Production
  • check Minimum 900 Ad Spots
  • check On air heads up
  • check Live quote of your business
  • check Logo with link in sponsors
  • close Live ads not included
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