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Michael Lynch


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Michael remembers that the man who granted him an announcer audition with the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation (NZBC) in 1966 on meeting him some years later said ‘Once a broadcaster, always a broadcaster’ And how true, Michael has discovered that mantra to be.

In 1997, after working as an announcer and then as a broadcast journalist in New Zealand and Australia for 33 years, Michael found himself still behind a microphone, not in a radio studio but at a lectern in a Melbourne funeral director’s chapel. 22 years and some 2,400 funerals later as a funeral celebrant Michael and his wife Kate returned to family in their native New Zealand last September

It was during his tenure with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and subsequently as News Director for eight years  at 3KZ, that radio news became Michael’s métier – and so for him, becoming a news presenter with AIR on Sunday afternoons, really is a case of coming home in more ways than one.

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